Empowering and supporting children and their families to achieve their goals

Welcome to Scribble where we provide personalised support that celebrates differences and considers your child’s strengths and interests.

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All the support your child needs in one place

Our services are evidence-based and family-centred.
You will work with your therapist to develop an individualised service tailored to your child and your family’s needs.


Speech Pathologists work with children and their families to develop their communication skills.


Occupational Therapists support children to live more independently and develop their ability to play and learn.

Music Therapy

Music therapists plan and provide musical experiences for their clients to support their sensory regulation, emotional expression, communication, and more!

Art Therapy

Art therapists support individuals to express feelings and explore their self-esteem through imagination and creativity.

Community Visits

We can visit your child in their natural environments, including home, school, kindergarten or childcare.

Social Groups

Social groups provide children with a safe space to meet with a neurokin over shared interests

Why Choose Us?

Multidisciplinary team

Our team of allied health professionals collaborate to ensure that your child is supported in a holistic way.

Local therapists

Our therapists can visit you and your child at home, at school, or at childcare. Alternatively, you can come to us!

Sensory spaces

Our purpose-built therapy spaces are created to meet your child’s sensory processing needs to support their regulation.

The Scribble Values


We honour the individual for who they are and learn from the real experts - individuals with lived experience.


We look at what our clients are doing well and we use those skills to support them to achieve their goals.


We keep up to date with current research and continue to adapt our practice to meet the needs of different individuals and groups.

Child-Centred Play

We support the use of play as a natural language for children and its therapeutic benefits. We follow the child's lead in therapy.

What our clients say about us

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