Fostering a safe space, real relationships through positive play practices.

About Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with children and their families, to help enhance skills necessary to participate in their activities of daily living. Some of these skills include playing, drawing, handwriting, getting dressed, and toileting. An Occupational Therapist can support children to live more independently and develop their ability to play and learn.

About Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists (or Speechies) work with children and their families to develop their communication skills. At Scribble, our Speechies provide assessment and intervention for articulation (speech clarity), receptive language (comprehension), expressive language (talking), social communication, fluency (stuttering), literacy (reading and spelling), and play.

At Scribble Children’s Therapy we adopt an engaging and play-based approach to intervention to deliver quality outcomes for children.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


Our services are evidence-based and family-centred. You will work with your therapist to develop an individualised service tailored to your child and your family’s needs.

Scribble is a safe place where neurodivergent children are recognised, celebrated, and supported. We pride ourselves in our neurodiversity affirming therapy approach, which acknowledges the infinite variations of the human brain.
We do not view differences as deficits, and believe there is no “right way” of learning, thinking, and behaving. We aim to increase your child’s self-identity and self-advocacy, to support their existence within a largely neurotypical society.

Three Simple Steps


let’s chat

Call us today and we can help you to begin the referral process. Our admin team can discuss your concerns and answer your questions and help you to link in with the right therapist.


initial consultation

You will meet your therapist to plan your child’s personalised service based on case history, complete relevant paperwork and discuss funding.



Your therapist will deliver your child’s therapy program and provide recommendations to support your child and family to achieve your goals.

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