About Scribble

Our values

Respecting Neurodiversity

We honour the individual for who they are and learn from the real experts – autistic adults who were once upon a time, autistic kids.
Strengths-Based Approach
We look at what our clients are doing well and we use those skills to support them to achieve their goals.

Our values

Evidence-Based Practice
We keep up to date with current research and continue to adapt our practice to meet the needs of different individuals and groups.

Child-Centred Play Therapy

We believe that play is the natural language of children and we believe in the therapeutic powers of play. We are believers of ‘the child leads the way, the therapist follows.’

How we promote

neurodiversity-affirming practice

Therapy goals focus on improving the child’s quality of life, not changing who they are.

We make recommendations to change the child's environment according to their preferences, we do not change the child

We take sensory processing preferences into account and encourage the use of sensory and stim tools.

We have moved from person-first language to identity-first language as we acknowledge that the identifying word highlights the person’s embrace of their identity. For example, “I am an autistic person”, like “I am an Australian person” or “I am Deaf.”

We are passionate about supporting our clients to develop self-advocacy skills to allow them to communicate their choices, emotions and decisions.

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Scribble Children’s Therapy offers Telehealth services.
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