Founder and Director – BHlthSc, MOT
Izzy, the founder of Scribble Children's Therapy, embarked on a journey in 2019 with a profound vision, to create a safe space where children are recognised, celebrated and supported.

Izzy's qualifications include: Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Occupational Therapy Practice and Accounting and Bookkeeping Certifications.

Through collaborative partnerships with families and a team of skilled professionals, Izzy's primary goal is to ensure that Scribble Children's Therapy remains at the forefront of pediatric therapy. Izzy's founding vision continues to guide the center's endeavors, inspiring a community where children and their caregivers receive quality therapy services.

Beyond her role as the Founder and Director, Izzy is a tireless advocate for the importance of neurodiversity-affirming and play-based therapy. She remains steadfast in her commitment to realising a future where every child is given the support and care to thrive, one scribble at a time.

Izzy is passionate about keeping up to date with new and emerging research and learning about neurodivergencies from the Autistic and ADHDer communities.

Izzy has attended further training in the following programs:
• DIR Floortime
• Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP Approach)
• Traffic Jam In My Brain
• Strength-based Supervision: Partnerships for Worker Empowerment
• Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism
• Trauma-Informed Practice

In her free time, Izzy enjoys spending time with her daughter and exploring cafes in Melbourne to find the best almond latte.


Business Development and Account Manager
Oscar is an experienced business developer and account manager with a diverse background spanning 13 years in the construction, finance, and manufacturing industries. Throughout his career, Oscar has achieved significant success in developing and growing multiple businesses.

However, Oscar's true passion lies in making a positive impact on people's lives, particularly in the realm of children's therapy. Through his personal experience, Oscar has witnessed the profound importance of occupational therapy and other allied health services within his immediate family. These experiences have deeply influenced him and instilled a strong belief in the power of these supports.

Motivated by this personal connection and a drive to create change, Oscar has focused his efforts on developing Scribble Children's Therapy. By bringing together his vast resources and experiences, his goal is to ensure that clients and their families receive services that are not only strength-based, but also affirming of neurodiversity.

Being part of this important venture, Oscar is excited to collaborate with a team of dedicated professionals who share the same vision.


Speech Pathology Lead - BAppSc, MSP
Rukiye, also known as Ruks (pronounced “Rooks”), completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University.
Ruks enjoys building rapport with her little friends and their families. Her sessions are child-led, meaningful, and accommodations are made to meet her clients’ needs.
Ruks upholds a neuroaffirmative therapy approach. Her mission is to help her clients understand their true self and to increase their self-advocacy skills. When she is not at work, you will find her sipping on an iced latte and Netflix and chilling with her cat daughter, Chuko.


Occupational Therapy Lead – BScOT, MSOT
Shannon is an Occupational Therapist with six years of practice experience. She has completed both her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree at the University of Santo Tomas. Shannon believes that therapy should follow a holistic approach, wherein she collaborates not only with the child, but also with the carers, teachers, support workers, and other therapists to reach the child's goals. Shannon believes that play is an integral part to therapy and makes it a point to make every session fun whilst targeting the child's pertinent skills.
Outside work, Shannon enjoys hanging out with her friends, going on day trips, exploring new places, and drinking coffee.


Administration Lead (Management Team) – BAppSc(Psych)
Jess completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) at RMIT University in 2019. Jess is passionate about working with children and supporting families and is now undertaking her Master of Teaching (Primary).
Jess is enthusiastic about using children’s interests and strengths to support their development and wellbeing and is very excited to progress her career.
During her free time, Jess enjoys spending the day at the beach, walking her dog, and attending yoga and pilates.


Clinical Supervisor Occupational Therapist
Erin is a passionate Occupational Therapist who has obtained her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Santo Tomas.
Using a child-centered approach, Erin is dedicated to helping children become more independent, resulting in improvements in their quality of living. She also collaborates with families and helps them use everyday routines as opportunities for their children to be ready to cope with various demands; may it be at home, in school, or within the community.
Erin loves exploring new places and learning new recipes in her spare time.


Receptionist / Administration Officer

Caitlin is an experienced Allied Health Receptionist and Administrative Assistant who is passionate about providing exceptional care and support to all clients.

Caitlin creates a warm and welcoming environment and ensures each appointment runs smoothly.

Outside of work, Caitlin enjoys trying new local restaurants, playing netball, and watching the footy.


 Occupational Therapist – BScOT, MSOT
Paige obtained her Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Occupational Therapy Practice  from La Trobe University. Paige uses a family centred approach, including both the child and  their family to develop therapy goals and implement evidence based interventions.     Paige has an interest in emotional regulation and play based therapy, adapting play to suit  the child’s interests.     On the weekends, you can find Paige going to AFL games to support her team Carlton,  catching up with friends or spending time with her cat, Tarlo. 


Clinical Supervisor Speech Pathologist
Hannah obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. Hannah loves providing meaningful therapy and ensuring that she creates a comfortable space for her kiddies and their families.
Hannah is a lover of all things learning; especially advocating and educating for the neuro divergent community.
During her down time, you can catch Hannah reading a new Colleen Hoover book, sipping on a coffee or spending time with her friends.


Clinical Supervisor Speech Pathologist
Ayse, also known as Aysh, completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. Aysh enjoys getting to know her clients and their families, and learning all about their interests to incorporate them into her therapy sessions. She thrives on building meaningful connections with her clients, and tailoring her sessions to accommodate for their needs in an engaging manner.
Aysh has a passion for working within the paediatric population and incorporating a neuro-affirmative approach to delivering a wide range of evidence-based intervention.
When she’s not in clinic, Aysh loves to spend her time with her family and friends. On the weekends, she could almost always be found at the beach.


Speech Pathologist – BArts, MSp
Victoria completed her Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics) and Master of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne. Victoria has a special interest in working with children with speech and language differences. Victoria is passionate about following the child’s lead and implementing their interests to make therapy fun and enjoyable. Victoria understands the social impact language differences may have on a child’s self-esteem and strives to build their confidence so that they can express themselves comfortably. In her free time, Victoria enjoys going for walks and exploring new restaurants around Melbourne.


Occupational Therapist – BOT
Maryam completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Monash University.
Maryam has a strong passion for empowering and inspiring children and their families to identify their child's strengths and talents through implementing family-centred and strength-based approaches. Maryam has an interest in incorporating her sense of creativity and playfulness in therapy sessions because she believes that children can develop so many skills through play. This sense of creativity can also be seen in changing the rules of games as Maryam believes that children gain more benefits from modifying one particular game, rather than offering new game2s to them.
Maryam loves Yoga and going to the gym in her free time, she also enjoys going on road trips with her partner.


Acting Clinical Supervisor Occupational Therapist – BSc, MSc
Ella obtained her Master in Occupational Therapy at the University of Central Lancashire in England.
Ella is an enthusiastic, devoted, and problem-solving occupational therapist with experience working with neurodivergent children and young people. She uses the therapeutic use of self to build strong rapports with her clients and their families to ensure that SMART therapy goals are created collaboratively, are evidence based, and that work towards the client increasing their independence and strengthening their occupational identities. Ella is very active and loves going to HIIT classes, yoga, or going for an outdoor run. In her spare time, you will find her reading a book, doing some sort of outdoor activity, or socialising with friends and family over some yummy food.


Speech Pathologist - BAppSc, MSP
Aleyna completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University.
Aleyna has previous experience working within a school setting and is passionate about creating a fun, safe and meaningful environment for her clients to grow in. She values the importance of connecting with clients and their families using a holistic and strengths-based approach, and loves finding new ways to implement clients’ interests into therapy to make sessions as individualised and engaging as possible.
In her free time, you’ll find Aleyna catching the sunset at the beach or cafe hopping around Melbourne with a chai latte in hand.


Speech Pathologist – BArts, MSp
Remy is a Speech Pathologist who has recently completed her Master of Speech Pathology degree. During this time, Remy has worked across multiple settings with paediatric clients, including private practice, community health, kindergartens and schools. Remy is calm and empathetic and believes holistic, play-based therapy is the best way to help her clients flourish! She has implemented interventions with children from the ages of 18 months to early teens. Remy enjoys collaborating with families and their support teams to ensure her client’s needs are met with compassion and understanding.
In her spare time, Remy enjoys going to dog beaches with her two fluffy puppies, Frankie and Alfie!


Speech Pathologist – BHlthSc, MSp
Monica obtained her Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University.
Monica enjoys working with both kiddies, and the adolescent age group. It is her firm belief that her evidence-based sessions involve the family just as much as the child, to ensure a holistic and family centred approach to learning.
As a huge advocate for neuro-affirmative therapy, Mon is constantly working with and learning from her clients and families, to support optimal and collaborative service delivery.
In her spare time, Mon can be found playing the piano and singing some of her jazz favourites, watching the formula one, or brunching around Melbourne.


Speech Pathologist - BAppSc, MSP
Madison completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. Madison has an interest in working with Autistic children, and children with speech and language differences.
Madison has experience providing services and support within different environments including schools, kindergartens, childcare centres, private clinics, and community health. She also has experience using telehealth services. Madison is passionate about forming genuine connections with children and their families to facilitate achievements during therapy. Madison focuses on client-centred practice to ensure each child has the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. She aims to make therapy sessions fun and engaging for children and their families.
In her free time, Madison enjoys spending time at the beach and attending art exhibitions.


Occupational Therapist - BPsychSc, MOT
Sarah is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist who graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science at La Trobe University and a Master of Occupational Therapy at Swinburne University.
Sarah has experience working with children of all ages, and is passionate about supporting Autistic children, and children with developmental differences.
Sarah values collaborative and holistic care that is tailored to the child’s interests andstrengths. Sarah loves to create therapy sessions that are fun and engaging for the child and their families.
On weekends, Sarah can typically be found outdoors, either hiking or at the beach. Sarah also enjoys baking and encouraging her friends to try her newest dessert creations.


Occupational Therapist – BscOT
Marinela, also known as Marla, completed her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Santo Tomas. Marla believes that the key to working with children should be fun and holistic. She uses her creativity in therapy sessions to support the child’s motivation and potential. Using a holistic and client-centred approach, she is committed to working collaboratively with families, carers, teachers, other therapists and their community to support success in their meaningful occupations.
Outside work, Marla enjoys visiting art exhibitions, creating watercolour sketches, and cafe hopping.


Occupational Therapist – BScOT
Leonise, known better as Elise, completed her Bachelor degree at the University of Santo Tomas and has been practicing as a paediatric occupational therapist seven years.
Elise is a ball of energy, enthusiasm, and empathy rolled into one. Elise values continued professional development and finds it most fulfilling to support children to the best of her abilities, by providing an all-encompassing, child-centered approach so they can thrive in occupations that are meaningful for them. Elise is passionate about supporting parents, family members, and caregivers to embrace and advocate for Neurodiversity, so that they may continue fostering the child's growth in the child’s other environments.
Outside of work, you will find Elise at the gym, or at the beach with her loved ones with her iced coffee at hand!


Occupational Therapist – BScOT (Hons)
Rimsha is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist who obtained her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Occupational Therapy from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore. Rimsha is very passionate about working with children of all ages. She uses a child-centred approach/play therapy to support children to become more independent and work towards achieving their goals. Outside of work, Rimsha loves baking, painting, and watching TV. Her favourite personal time is socialising with her family members.


Art Therapist - BFA, MAT
Keisha is a passionate Art Therapist who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) at RMIT University and a Master of Art Therapy at La Trobe University
Keisha has experience working within hospital units and mental health services, facilitating both individual and group therapy.
She values creating a non-judgemental, affirming and empathetic space where children can express themselves creatively, be their authentic self and find inner strengths. Using a strengths-based and child-centred approach, Keisha is particularly passionate about celebrating what makes each child who they are and supporting them to discover what is meaningful to them.
Outside of work, Keisha spends time with family and friends, creating watercolour illustrations and reading.


Occupational Therapist – BScOT
After graduating from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy, Claudette became a paediatric Occupational Therapist with a passion for helping children and their families.
She believes in using a family-centered approach, where both families and professionals work together as equal partners to support children in achieving success in their daily activities.
When she’s not working, Claudette enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, going out for brunch and coffee, and exploring new places.


Financial Planner
Serhan obtained his qualifications in Business and Financial Planning at RMIT and has been working as an authorised Financial Adviser since 2018. Serhan supports Scribble with financial planning, goal setting and creating plans to achieve set goals. Serhan is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).


Provisional Psychologist
Lucas completed his Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours).
Lucas has experience working within private clinic settings, supporting children and youth, utilising a person-centred approach. Lucas believes in an empathetic, connected and progressive approach to childhood mental health and development. Lucas' clinical experience until date, has provided him with a valuable understanding of the needs of children and adolescents within family systems, and the importance of facilitating children to have confidence in knowing that they have a say and to use their voice to advocate for their own future.
Lucas is driven by positive outcomes for his clients and hearing positive feedback either from a client’s positive life experience or a positive experience in therapy.


Speech Pathologist - BHlthSc, MSP
Stephanie (or Steph) graduated from Master of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne in 2021. 
Steph strives to empower families, educators and the wider community with the knowledge and strategies to help her clients achieve their full potential. She enjoys building strong relationships with families and children while collaborating closely with those in the child’s community. Stephanie is committed to upholding a neuro-affirmative approach during therapy and ensuring that sessions remain fun and engaging!
Outside of work, you will find Steph spending many nights playing dodgeball, stretching at Pilates, or hanging out with her partner's dog, Eddie.


Social Media Manager
Sana is Scribble’s social media manager and content creator. Sana holds certifications in digital marketing, online marketing, photoshop design, 2D, 3D, whiteboard animation and web design. Sana has 5 years of industry experience and has a degree in Health Sciences. Sana enjoys designing high quality web designs and graphics.


Receptionist / Administration Officer
Bianca has over 10 years of Reception and Administration experience and is passionate about assisting clients to ensure that they feel comfortable and welcome at each appointment. Bianca enjoys making genuine connections and being the first face that clients see when they arrive at the clinic. Bianca loves to listen and connect with clients to ensure that they can have the best experience possible.   During her free time, Bianca enjoys going on adventures with her partner and her little dog, Cosmo, and spending time with her family and friends.


Receptionist / Administration Officer
Holly is an experienced and enthusiastic receptionist who is passionate about customer service and ensuring each client is provided with genuine care.
Holly enjoys building rapport with her clients and their families, to ensure that the day-to-day operations run smoothly, from scheduling appointments to maintaining accurate records.
During her free time, Holly enjoys travelling and spending time with her family and friends.


Receptionist / Administration Officer
Bianca is currently completing an advanced diploma in child and adolescent mental health, which is a result of her fostering young children with her family for the last five years. This experience has fuelled Bianca's passion for child health and development and has equipped her to be a compassionate and diligent carer. 
Bianca believes that providing quality support sustains healthy development, and is am eager to bring these values into her role as an allied health receptionist.
In her spare time, Bianca enjoys playing with her cats, drinking iced matcha lattes (oat milk only!), and spending quality time with her family and friends. 
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